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mad_tapeo's Journal

The Tapas Ritual Comes To Madison
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Tapeo is the Spanish tradition of going barhopping with friends and eating the best dish at each stop. We've brought this tradition to Madison, WI with great success. The sharing of food creates a convivial atmosphere and allows each diner to try a variety of dishes.

Tapeos are held on the third Friday of each month. One or more diners will sponsor the group at each restaurant; each diner is also expected to pay for her/his drinks and a portion of the tip. Please tip generously (20% minimum, 25-30% recommended) to compensate the restaurant for the relatively small amount of food ordered!

Restaurants visited will vary in cost, but expect food costs to range from $35-55 per stop. Keep in mind that not all places accept credit/debit cards.
If possible, try to carry small bills to simplify the process of adding your contributions to the money for drinks/tip.

This community is mainly for announcements of each month's tapeo, but you are encouraged to contribute your recounts, post pictures from tapeos, or suggest new stops/foods/drinks.

Have fun!